Engagement Ring Shopping Made Easy

This topic deserves some special attention. Perhaps because the focus here is more on the Mr. Right in your life who is conducting endless hours of research on how to pick the perfect engagement ring. They say it’s easier for a guy to spend an insurmountable amount of money just minutes after a test drive […]

Makeup Artist Gives You Her Summer Favourites

I’d be lying if I said I use my all my makeup year around. Some products are just too heavy for the summer,  a heavier texture,  the way it feels on your skin, and the colours lend to each season of course. I definitely don’t have my make up bag split into seasons but I […]


Advice on Managing Pain and Maintaining a Healthy Sex Life

Intimacy in a relationship is vital for human connection; it’s a natural and important part of living a healthy and happy life. But when chronic pain invades your life, it can strip you of the pleasure that comes with being intimate and lead to other issues. How can you maintain a healthy, sexually active relationship […]


At Home in California with Grease actor Lorenzo Lamas

Janette Ewen interviews Grease actor Lorenzo Lamas For more than 30 years, actor Lorenzo Lamas appeared on our TV screens as a leading man on popular shows like Falcon Crest and Renegade. Lamas got his break early, by playing the role of “Tom” in the worldwide phenomenon known as Grease; set to celebrate its 40th […]


Celebrate the Warm Days Ahead with New Shoes!

Who really needs an excuse for new shoes? Not us! But, if you do, warmer days call for a new shoe wardrobe! Check out some of our suggestions! Jimmy Choo Bethel T-strap Wear cork like you would denim: it goes with virtually everything. 
We love this sandal paired back with a floral print maxi dress. Aquazzura […]


Walking through the rows with an award-winning winemaker

As a student, Thirty Bench winemaker Emma Garner travelled abroad, learning about Old and New World winemaking styles, before settling into her coveted position at Thirty Bench Winery in the Niagara region. Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and British Columbia were all on the list, and Garner’s passion for food and wine grew with each […]