4 Tips to Maintain Your Beautiful Blonde

You’ve gone to the salon and your hair dresser has finally blessed you with your ideal blonde. But, you notice that shortly after your colour is nothing like the day you walked out of the salon. I get it! Maintaining your blonde can be difficult. Today I’m saving you from green and orange hair, and […]

6 Wedding Makeup Mistakes Every Bride Must Avoid

You have found your perfect partner and are all set to tie the knot. Well, you would certainly want to make the wedding day the most memorable day of your life and you would want to look your absolute best in the wedding pictures. Although you may have the best wedding dress, have bought the […]


The Importance of Women Lifting Weights

Many of us enjoy the benefits of weight training for the MANY positive effects it can have on our body and in our lives. However, I see that many women still fear that old, tired myth that it will make them bulky or manly looking, simply because of their lack of understanding. We all have a genetic predisposition to […]


At Home in California with Grease actor Lorenzo Lamas

Janette Ewen interviews Grease actor Lorenzo Lamas For more than 30 years, actor Lorenzo Lamas appeared on our TV screens as a leading man on popular shows like Falcon Crest and Renegade. Lamas got his break early, by playing the role of “Tom” in the worldwide phenomenon known as Grease; set to celebrate its 40th […]


Inside the Mind of an Influential Canadian Fashion Designer

We caught up with Hendrixroe’s founder, fashion designer Jordan Erin McKay who told us about her personal style, guilty pleasures and what she’s most excited about right now.  How did you go from pursuing law to being a fashion designer? JEM: I was flying from Calgary (where I was attending school) to Vancouver to celebrate […]


Periods Are So Important, They Just Won an Oscar | Periods and the Stigma Around Them

“Period. End of Sentence” is a documentary about menstruation, and it just won the award for Best Short Documentary at the Oscars. The documentary focuses on the stigma of menstruation in a small village in India, where the word “period” is associated with school, and pads do not exist. Here’s the thing, small, rural communities […]