How To Work With Your Unruly Curls

Have you spent many frustrated years trying to tame your curls to no avail? Well, through a lot of trials and tribulations, I have found some of the best, low maintenance ways to wear natural curls and simultaneously avoid looking like a mad scientist. Keep reading for some awesome tips for how to work with […]

5 Beauty Must-do’s Before Vacation!

The day is coming close! You’re finally getting ready to pack your bags and leave your day job… at least for a week, that is! It’s vacation time and you’re ready to hit the beach, enjoy the ocean and bask in the sunshine! Personally, when I go on vacation, I love to enjoy my time […]


A look at the science behind intermittent fasting

If you pay attention to health and weight loss trends, you’ve likely heard of intermittent fasting or IF. However you may feel about the “hanger” or potential stress of fasting, it’s hard to ignore the documented benefits of this dietary trend. In this article, you’ll discover the solid science that backs up those health claims. […]


At Home in California with Grease actor Lorenzo Lamas

Janette Ewen interviews Grease actor Lorenzo Lamas For more than 30 years, actor Lorenzo Lamas appeared on our TV screens as a leading man on popular shows like Falcon Crest and Renegade. Lamas got his break early, by playing the role of “Tom” in the worldwide phenomenon known as Grease; set to celebrate its 40th […]


Canadian House of SHAN delivers high-end elegance

The House of SHAN’s designer, Chantal Levesque, never fails to deliver a stunning collection of ready-to-wear swimwear that combines superior quality with a unique, and sometimes avant-garde, design sensibility. Made just outside of Montreal, Quebec, SHAN’s refined garments emphasize beautiful silhouettes and are made with the care and attention seen in luxury, haute couture brands. […]


Avoid Damsel Wedding Distress

“Delegating is difficult… if you give your bridesmaids too much to do, you seem controlling. If you take care of everything yourself, everyone will wonder if there’s even a wedding happening.” Whether you’ve known each other since before you were born and spent much of your childhood living ‘la vida loca’. You’ve built impressive clubhouses, […]