Protect your skin and restore a youthful glow with this critical ingredient

Vitamin C is the key element that makes Vivier products work successfully to improve the skin, fight the signs of aging and make dramatic improvements to skin conditions. Here are a few reasons why this ingredient is so critical to improving the health of your skin. Vitamin C is a first-rate anti-aging ingredient As a […]

2018 Spring’s Best Makeup Looks is Fresh and Fun

Spring is the perfect time to think outside the box by resolving to be more adventurous with your makeup. It’s not as hard as you think to try something new while maintaining your wonderful sense of self, especially in the spring, when the seasonal look usually abides by the “less is more” motto. It’s a […]


How to Avoid the 3PM Crash

Put the 3 pm double latte down. To put a spring in your step and avoid the late afternoon crash, let’s focus on energy boosting foods that also stabilize our blood sugar instead. The ones that do not give us an energy surge and then leave us crashing an hour later … ultimately craving another […]


Janette Ewen on Colour, Design and the Rise of Microtrends

Janette Ewen lives partly in Toronto, partly in LA, and partly on Instagram. The ubiquitous interior designer and lifestyle expert needs to keep tabs on so many people, places and trends, it’s only natural that she lives part of her life in the virtual sphere. “I’m in a different city every few days; it’s a […]


Jo Alcorn’s Top Spring Trends

I love spring! It’s a time to switch things up, refresh and renew your home and, more importantly, your backyard! I’ll be at the Backyard Living Expo coming up on April 6 for an on-stage presentation at 1:15pm and would love for you to join me to talk about all things backyard décor and design! […]


How You Know You’re a Traveler

  Instead of collecting shoes, you collect stamps in your passport. You can say “hi”, “please” and “thank you” in at least 5 different languages. When someone tells you they don’t like traveling, you immediately distrust them. When deciding to spend money, you weigh it against how many trips you could take instead. If you […]