5 Easy Makeup Tips for the Cottage

Many of us ‘cottage goers’ are always on the hunt for important makeup tips. Getting out of the city and enjoying nature is a beautiful Canadian pastime in the summer. It’s a place to unwind and let your hair down, but not typically the environment for contouring or a smokey eye. That said, I believe […]

Eyebrows 101: Tips to Achieving the Classic American Brow

The Classic American Brow is popular and here are tips you need to know to have them. After experiencing many waxing, threading and tweezing nightmares at the hands of others throughout my teens and early twenties, I committed to being the only one to do my own brows from then on.  After the last mishap, […]


The Only 4 Exercises You Really Need For A Full Body Workout

I like these exercises because they are great for a full body workout that can be done anywhere and anytime by using just your own body weight. Four Best Exercises For A Full Body Workout Plank: Tones the abs, chest, forearms, shoulders, and back Starting in a push-up position, keeping your body weight on your […]


Billy Joel Goes Track by Track with the Original U.S. Beatles Studio Albums on SiriusXM

Billy Joel plays the Beatles! You won’t want to miss out on his SiriusXM performance. While sitting at the piano playing snippets of classic Beatles songs, Joel will reflect on every American Beatles LP. The guest DJ sessions will be scheduled in chronological order, starting with 1964’s Meet The Beatles. On the first installment, Joel will […]


Star of Hit Series Suits, Shines Light on Moores Canadian Suit Drive

Patrick J. Adams, Canadian actor, director and producer on hit TV series Suits, just recently kicked off Moores Clothing for Men’s 8th annual Canadian Suit Drive by cleaning out his closet and donating a suit to the retailer’s downtown Toronto flagship store. “My first day on the set of ‘Suits’ I learned how the right […]


A Complete Summer Dinner Menu for Entertaining Your Guests

Are summer recipes on your mind? I’ve rounded up some of our favourite Vitalize recipes to create the perfect Summer Dinner Menu. You can either enjoy with friends or yourself! The option is yours, although we think you’re going to want to keep these all for yourself. Yum! Then again, it’s good to share some […]