Mia Parres in the Cayman Islands

Mia Parres In The Cayman Islands

After a move to the Cayman Islands Canadian interior designer Mia Parres is living the best of both worlds. It’s a heck of a commute, but while enjoying new adventures in the tropics, Parres still plans to work with clients in Canada.

It’d be easy to describe Mia Parres as a “perfect 10” and call it a day. Gorgeous, perfectly fit and photogenic, the Canadian interior designer could give any Victoria’s Secret model a run for her money. But there’s much more to Parres than meets the eye. A rising star in the world of interior design, Parres is also a trained architect and a successful TV personality with a wicked sense of humour.

For the last few years, the popular HGTV star has been on an amazing ride, with TV and personal success, and recent adventures have her poised to grow even further in her career and personal life.

“Life is what you make it,” she said during a recent interview. “I am all about growing, taking chances and discovering new things about the world around me and about myself.”

Mia Parres Shares about Life and the Cayman Islands

Mia Parres Living in Caymen Islands
Photo Credit: Rebecca Davidson Photography

New Beginnings

This past spring, Parres made a huge leap and moved from Toronto to the Cayman Islands with her soon-to-be-husband Sandro Sax, who accepted a job as an investment advisor on the island. For Parres, the move ushers in a whole new chapter in her career and in her personal life.

“Living here is like enjoying the best of both worlds—and there are lots of Canadians working and living here too. Everything the big city has to offer is all right here and what’s even better is that we are enjoying the warm temperatures and the scenic coastal beauty that surrounds us.” It’s a heck of a commute, but while enjoying new adventures in the tropics, Parres still plans to work with clients in Canada.

Mia Parres Moves To The Cayman Islands
Photo Credit: Rebecca Davidson Photography

“I will be going back and forth from the Cayman Islands to Toronto and this will be so much fun,” she says. “I have clients in the city and in Muskoka, so you could say that I now have two homes.”

Nautical Design

Parres is also excited about working with new clients in the Cayman Islands.

“When I take on interior design projects in Canada, I have to think of everything being created with seasons, as we have summer, fall, winter and spring,” she says. “The projects I will take on here will be themed with a more coastal feel as it’s warm here year-round.”

Mia Parres Will Talke On Projects With A More Coastal Feel
Photo Credit: Rebecca Davidson Photography

She adds, “It’s amazing where I am at right now in my career—everything is growing, moving fast, and I am fulfilling my passion as an interior designer. I am so excited to see where it will all take me next.”

Following Her Passion

From early on, Parres knew she wanted to become an interior designer. Her parents encouraged her to discover her creative side and follow her passion. She studied Interior Design at Parsons: The New School for Design, she holds an Honours-Bachelor degree in architecture from the University of Toronto, and an Architecture Certificate from the Architecture Association of London, England.

Not long after she hit her stride in the design world while working with Sarah Richardson Design and Tommy Smythe, she got her first shot at TV.  Her first co-hosting role was on The Expandables and then Home To Win, both popular HGTV shows.

The Expandables was a great experience and it was really awesome to work with Rob Evans and the entire team—everyone was so creative and ambitious,” she says. “Home to Win was also another superb experience as I had the opportunity to work with so many HGTV stars who are now like family.”

Healthy Living

Being on camera means looking great all the time, and Parres has developed a distinct personal style.

Mia Parres Caymen Island
Photo Credit: Rebecca Davidson Photography

“My wardrobe mirrors my passion for design. I really like stripes, linen, and clothes that stand the test of time. I also like to keep things casual whenever I can and I just love wearing jeans and a white top,” she says.

Parres also follows a healthy lifestyle, eats well, plays tennis and exercise daily, too. She also recently got into cross-fit training.

“Cross-fit training is a terrific way to stay in shape and it’s the in-thing these days,” she says. “Lifting weights is great for bone density, strength and helps anyone live a longer life. I am encouraging everyone to get into it. It’s tough at first but you get used to it in no time and you will feel great.”

Words of Wisdom

These days, people know Parres from her HGTV shows, and she’s recognized as an innovator in the interior design world. It’s not unusual for aspiring interior designers to turn to her for advice on how to get into the industry.

Full of energy and optimism, Parres offers advice from the heart.

“If you want to follow in my footsteps, then all you need to do is create your own world and live it,” she says. “Take courses, network, and intern at design firms, and let everyone know you are available for hire. Most of all, follow your heart. Always be who you are, stick with your passion for being creative, and give it your all.”

Photography: Rebecca Davidson Photography

Styling and swimwear: Sand Angels

Make Up: Stephanie Ford Make Up

Location: Caribbean Club, Grand Cayman



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