Waddle We Do About This Giant Duck In Toronto?

It’s only a cute, giant rubber duck, but yet it’s causing a wave of fury.

You see, during Canada Day weekend, the world’s largest rubber duck will cruise into the Toronto harbour and it will certainly be an amazing attraction for people of all ages… And yes that includes us adults.

The duck is 61-feet and weighs 30,000 lbs. The attraction will be perfect for social media lovers who will, probably for the first time in their lives, actually get a selfie with a giant floating yellow duck. That is sure to ruffle some feathers!

However, as Torontonians are embracing the very reality that they will get to witness seeing this grandiose animated animal make its debut at the Redpath Waterfront Festival from July 1 to 3, some politicians and critics alike are claiming that we the taxpayers are really the ones “taking a bath.”

The duck tour comes with a $200,000 price tag and is being paid for via federal government grants, and the Ontario Government is footing over half of the bill. The duck tour will visit a number of cities and towns across Ontario to mark our country’s 150th birthday celebration, and the Toronto portion of the tour will cost $121, 325, according to the ministry of tourism.

“I cannot imagine what the rubber duck’s connection is to the 150th,” says Ontario PC MPP Vic Fedeli. “They’re laying off frontline health-care workers right across Ontario… They can’t find money for alternative level of care beds, but they can find $200,000 for some kind of a duck promo?” Feathers officially ruffled.



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