Canada Day Party

Plan the Perfect Canada Day Party to Celebrate Canada 150

With Canada Day just around the corner many are wondering how to plan the perfect Canada Day party! From decorations to music, we’ve got the Canada Day essentials covered.

Canada Day Party Essentials

Red and White Decorations

You just can’t have a Canada Day celebration without the red and white! While that does seem like a given, there are many creative ways to work in some Canadian flare. Think cups, cutlery, plates and napkins, all in the red and white colour scheme. If you are feeling fancy you can put your fancy pants on and use things like sparklers as candles for cupcakes or use red and white stripped sizzle straws.

The Canadian Flag is also a MUST to incorporate into your Canada Day Party. Fly the flag on your car, your front door and wherever your party is happening. Make Canada Proud!

Canada Day Party

Food & Drink

What is the most important part of any party? We like to think it’s the food! Who doesn’t love great party food? The best part of Canada Day Party food? The possibilities are endless! You can choose to use popular Canadian fare like Poutine, Vitalize’s own Maple Bacon Soft Pretzels, Ketchup Chips… these all SCREAM Canada day!

In addition to the popular Canadian foods, you can also choose to serve some red and white foods. Think things like our Canada Day Mile High Shortcake, Our 4 Easy Canada Day Drinks or even a brunch party with some Strawberry & Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast.


Capture the moment! Canada doesn’t turn 150 everyday. Have fun with some silly Canada themed props for a make shift photo booth area. Canada day selfies with headbands, hockey masks and lumberjack jackets will keep you wishing Canada day was EVERYDAY!

Create a friendly game of road hockey. Split into teams and go for the gold. Winner gets a 1lb of Canadian Bacon. What’s better than Bacon and Road Hockey? Nothing.

What better way to test out your Canadian knowledge and take the opportunity to learn more with Canadian Trivia? Show your knowledge with a friendly competition to find out who knows their country best.

Attend one of the Canada Day events across the country and bring the party home with you. Get some sparklers for the kids and have a great time- supervision required.


 Display all the Canadian talent with a Canadian artists playlist like This Canadian Spotify Playlist, or the youtube one below. The possibilities are endless and there is a genre for everyone!


With all of these ideas, you’re sure to have a great party that everyone can enjoy!

Canada Day Party


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