The Top 5 Benefits of SculpSure

For those in Toronto who want to get rid of their unwanted fat, good news has arrived, thanks to cutting-edge technology.


Meet SculpSure by Cynosure − a breakthrough in body contouring designed to slim you up in a matter of no time. Even better, you can have the procedure done quickly and effortlessly without having to go under the knife.

This new, noninvasive fat reduction procedure actually destroys up to 25 percent of fat cells without any surgery whatsoever. Yes, now that’s cool.


“Technology is certainly amazing,” says Dr. Sean Rice, who is the founder and owner of RiceCosmetic Surgery in Toronto. He has been offering SculpSure to his long list of patients since last fall, making him the first plastic surgeon in Canada to offer this technology. “Even with diet and exercise, lots of people seem to have trouble getting rid of stubborn pockets of fat; however this new procedure may help.”


According to Cynosure’s website, SculpSure is the world’s first Food and Drug Administration-cleared laser treatment for non-invasive lipolysis of the flanks and abdomen. The procedure has also been approved by Health Canada.

The technology is very impressive. The device delivers laser energy underneath the skin to remove unwanted fat. Fat cells are removed and the result is permanent. SculpSure is equipped with four applicator heads, so a number of areas can be treated at the same time, and they are also be easily adjusted. When the applicator heads are applied to the skin, a patient will feel a sequence of cooling sensation as well as some warmth, almost like one would experience with a heating pad.


The procedure takes no longer than 25 minutes and most people will require one to two sessions. Most patients will see results in about six weeks following their last treatment, with optimal results within 12 weeks.

So, what are the benefits with SculpSure?

According Dr. Rice there are lots.

Safety:“What makes this technology so unique is that it is very safe,” he says. “It’s a nonsurgical fat elimination procedure so patients should be able to head back to work or the gym right after each procedure.”

Quick and easy: Each session takes about 25 minutes to perform, which means you can have it done during your lunch hour. “We can now treat up to four areas at one time and have anyone in-and-out quickly,” he says


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