Music Has An Impact On Our Well Being

Why Music Has A Positive Impact On Our Well Being

Believe it or not, music has an impact on our well being. When we listen to music we are not only honouring the artist who sings the lyrics or plays the instrument, we are also honouring our body.  Music has an impact on our well being that is unconscious yet profound.  We are all familiar with the sensation that overcomes us when we hear our favourite song on the radio. Our fingers start tapping, our feet start shaking and before you know it our body is engaged in rhythmic movement. Yes, we are dancing!

Music Is Good For The Soul & Body

Using music as therapy can help heal people in a physical, mental, emotional and social way.

Research shows that music is healthy for the mind because it produces more brain waves so the brain becomes sharper, stronger and more useful and depending on the rhythm of the music it can either have a stimulating effect on the body or a calming effect. Either way the end result will be an overall relaxed mood that produces a positive state of mind with reduced stress and lower blood pressure.

Music Has An Impact On Our Well Being
Using music as therapy can help heal people in a physical, mental, emotional and social way.

What does all that mean? Basically, it creates better life coping skills.  Researchers have also concluded that music can trigger the release of Oxytocin. This hormone is naturally occurring in the body to induce labour, and it also has pain relieving effects on the body, therefore, using music as therapy for pain management could be very effective at managing chronic pain.  A very recent study in South Korea concluded that a 12-week program of group Music Therapy was effective at improving psychiatric symptoms in patients with mental illnesses like Schizophrenia.

Since joint pain and tenderness can be relieved with movement, dancing to a favourite song is good for your spine. The movements involved in dancing encourage the hips and sacroiliac joints to keep limber and to maintain proper range of motion. This is important for overall joint and spinal integrity. If everything is moving like a well-oiled machine, then you can enjoy many years of healthy physical activity.

“Music can change the world because it can change people.” -Bono

Not only can we relate to the rhythm of the music and unconsciously heal while listening to it, but the lyrics can also help us release emotions and tell stories that would otherwise be locked up somewhere inside of us. Music can make you laugh or cry. And it can help you receive messages from the universe that are indirect but can lead you to follow your heart.  Since the foundation for most music is Love, we can use music to fully express ourselves in order to give or receive love.

We can use music to make positive changes to ourselves or a situation. All you need to do is simply turn on the radio or play your favourite song.  Sitting quietly listening to classical music can calm your mind and relax you. Listening to pop music can motivate you to work out or complete a task or a project.  Whatever you are looking to achieve, music can guide you. Every festival, family gathering or religious event, for example, a wedding or a graduation is focused around music and the joy that it brings to a crowd.  When people are gathered together to celebrate life’s achievements, music is the binding force that gets everyone moving and feeling carefree.

Life becomes a celebration and music is the common denominator.

Music is a very important part of my life. I use music to heal myself and elevate my spirit.  I listen to various artists to change my mood, to motivate me or to relax me.  It’s simply amazing what music can do when we take the time to absorb each note. So, wait to see how it affects our well being. When you see a couple dancing, it’s beautiful to see two people completely immersed in each other. The rhythm of the music is their guide.

As a quick and enjoyable experiment, I encourage everyone to listen to their favourite song. Just wait and see what happens to your body and your mood and therefore your spirit. After you have moved your hips to the rhythm and felt the beat deep in your soul, you will wear a smile.   Next time you decide to go to a music concert, you will be giving yourself the best healing possible.

I encourage everyone to use music as therapy.  That’s right, music has an impact on our well being. Honour the artist, honour the body and “Dance like no one is watching.”


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