Kitchen Tools To Help You Get Back To Healthy Eating


Kitchen Tools

Leftovers will be far more appetizing—and better for you—when stored in stackable canisters from California’s Bauer Pottery. They’re ceramic, so they eliminate chemical transfers from plastic containers, and they look so nice you’ll want to take them straight from the fridge to the table. US$50 for three with one lid,


Kitchen Tools


The award-winning Kitchen-Aid Magnetic Drive Torrent Blender turns heads with its great looks, but that’s not all.  The innovative design means the front-loading Torrent Blender looks more like a coffeemaker than a traditional blender. Available in red, black, grey and silver. $649.99,


Kitchen Tools

For morning protein shakes, Vitamix has launched a new personal blender called the S55. It has four settings: for smoothies, power blends, dips and spreads, and frozen desserts. It’s equipped with a 40-ounce blender pitcher and a 20-ounce insulated travel cup. US$469.95,


Kitchen Tools

If you’re experiencing salad fatigue, the new Cuisinart Multi-Prep Bowl comes with toppers that make it easy to grate, shred or slice foods right into the bowl with no counter mess. There’s also a handy lid for leftovers. $29.99,


Kitchen Tools

Do you know how much hard cheese constitutes as a single serving? Don’t guess your food portions; get them just right with All-Clad’s Kitchen Scale. It accurately measures portions as small as 2g (1 oz) and up to 10kg (22 lb). $150,


Kitchen Tools

Turn a simple steamed fish into a special occasion showstopper with a traditional fish poacher. There are other models on the market, but Mauviel’s copper poacher is surely the most magnificent. From $1340,

By: Sarah B. Hood


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