The Four Seasons Private Jet

Travel The World In The Four Seasons Private Jet

Experience the epitome of luxury with a round-the-world tour aboard the Four Seasons Private Jet. Offering a 25-day global adventure, the Four Seasons Private Jet takes passengers to nine destinations worldwide, offering a remarkable, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Hope Aboard The Four Seasons Private Jet and See The World In Style

The Boeing 757 jet, with its Rolls-Royce engine, has just 52 seats—customized from the traditional 233-seat aircraft. Each seat is 6.5 feet long and gives passengers the ability to lie completely flat for a restful sleep, while travelling at speeds up to 609 mph.

The Four Seasons Private Jet
Sky High Luxury: The Four Seasons private jet offers a round-the-world tour.
Photo credits: Four Seasons.

With a minimum 20-person crew on board, passengers receive all the pampering and luxury they’d expect from a Four Seasons Hotel and Resort—42,000 feet in the air. With a guest service manager there to assist before, during and after your jet travel, guests are ensured to have a seamless trip. A Four Seasons chef joins the trip to oversee the onboard menu, wine pairings and any other food and beverage needs. A concierge, a physician and additional assistants round out the on-board staff, ready to assist with any passenger needs.

Each passenger lives in comfort while on the jet, receiving thoughtful amenities including a customized, Mongolian cashmere blanket, a custom Bvlgari tote bag with Bose headphones, a keepsake leather-bound trip journal and an iPad to document the journey. This three-week worldwide jet experience, stopping at five-star resorts across the globe, costs US$135,000. Airfare, transportation, meals and additional accommodation are included in the cost of the trip.

This is a great adventure and what a way to see the world. It may seem expensive, but it’s worth it as this is a trip of a lifetime. Seeing the world makes us richer in every sense. We learn about new places, people, history and culture. If you are looking for a unique vacation, then you should really consider flying the Four Seasons Private Jet.



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